Michigan Supreme Court

Michigan Court of Appeals

Michigan Legislature

            Revised School Code

            State School Aid Act

            Teacher Tenure Act

            Public Employment Relations Act

            Open Meetings Act

            Freedom of Information Act

Michigan Department of Education

            Michigan Education Dashboard

            Office of Special Education

            Every Student Succeeds Act

            Educator Certification

            Educator Evaluations

            Teacher Certification Law, Rule, & Policy


            Financial Management

            State Aid and School Finance

            Pupil Accounting Manual

            Pupil Auditing Manual

            State Tenure Commission Cases

Michigan Administrative Code

            Department of Education Administrative Rules

            Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) Regulations

United States Department of Education

            No Child Left Behind

            Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

            Office for Civil Rights

            Federal Administrative Agencies Family Policy Compliance Office

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Michigan Department of Civil Rights

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